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Gelcoats and Topcoats

Glasplies stock a wide range of Polyester Topcoats, Gelcoats as well as Specialist Topcoats for all kinds of fibreglass watertight finishes. We also supply an ant-slip topcoat which is extremely popular for walkways, balconies and flat roofing applications where required. Our Clear Topcoats / Gelcoats may be pigmented if required for a bespoke finish.

Gelcoats Topcoat Specialist
Gelcoat provides the smooth outer finish to your finished laminate

Topcoat, also known as flocoat is a thick final layer which is normally used to finish a roof

Specialist topcoats including Fire Retardant and Chemical Resistant Topcoats

Anti Slip Pigments
An anti-slip finished required?
We have many different options this way

We hold a large stock of Polyester Pigments
Used to pigment both Resins, Gelcoats, and Topcoats

For customers who often do not understand the difference between Topcoat & Gelcoat - we have the answer! Gelcoat remains tacky after curing and is painted directly onto moulds. Once tacky, resin and glass are applied over the Gelcoat. It then forms a hard, smooth surface. Topcoat, often referred to as Flowcoat, cures to a tack-free finish and can be used as a finishing paint.

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