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Additives for Resins, Topcoats and Gelcoats

At Glasplies we supply a range of additives which may be added to your Resin, Topcoats and Gelcoats. The most popular additive we supply is catalyst which is used to allow Resin, Topcoats and Gelcoats to cure. We also supply an accelerator in the form of Cobalt, Resin Thinners in the form of Styrene Monomer and Flexible Additives which are perfect for applications such as fibreglass roofing.

Catalyst Cobalt Wax In Styrene
Catalyst is added to your Resin, Gelcoat or Topcoat to help the materials cure.
Available in seasonal variety's and dispensers to help store and dispense safely

Cobalt is an accelerator which can be added to your Resins, Gels or Topcoats to accelerate gel times

Used to eliminate surface tack and leave a hard surface
Can be added to gelcoats to turn in to a topcoat

Styrene Monomer Flexible Additive
Styrene is found in most polyester resins
Sometimes added to thin out resin

An additive that can be added to resin to improve flexibility, impact resistance and elongation

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